Stainless steel Lock Products

The lock products are widely used in industrial facilities, cabinets and other closed structure for locking the door. In the process of locking the door, it also might provide a strong pulling force, compressing the seal on the edge of the door plate to act as a seal. The lock has Poke-Yoke design concept, in the case of the lock is not properly closed, its protective cover cannot be covered normally; We can determine whether the lock is properly closed by the fluorescent film on the visual protective cover.

Products Details

It's very difficult to be manufacture by machining or casting efficiently due to the complicated structure, delicate surface and precise dimension request. The complex spiral groove control the movement of the lock parts to be harmony, not only to have a precise curve to ensure the smooth movement, there are requested to have certain strength and toughness, so it won't be deformed after a using period.Complex lock housing design: The main body of the lock, its functionally need both complex structures and sufficient strength, also need the  dimensional to be accuracy to meet functional requirements.It's the drive part to makes the lock open and closed. To have an accurate shape to match the key, identify the direction of opening and closing, strong enough to transfer the rotational force to other mate parts.The protective cover can prevent the intrusion of water and dust, protect the internal structure of the lock, and improve the life of the lock. This function requires the product to have a more complex structure, as well as with precision parts; Designers give full play to the advantages of MIM technology, expand the design freedom of parts.1. The main part modeling complex with MIM production, directly can be assembled out of the finished product; Not only perfect to achieve the function, but also greatly save costs, improve the efficiency of production. 2. Parts made of SUS304L or SUS316L materials are highly corrosion-resistant and resistant to prolonged outdoor wind and rain and exposure.Compression lock with Dust & Water proof functionChoosing MIM as the production process of lock parts can realize the special requirements of some products. The lock is produced from a special material, and with subsequent passivation, it is able to meet the neutral salt spray requirement of 1000 hours. Suitable for use in offshore facilities, such as offshore windmills, yachts, ships, dock warehouses and other facilities.

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