Precision parts produced by applying MIM advantages

Using MIM technology can produce products that traditional processes can't, so it's a revolutionary technology. Its production solves the limitations in productivity, material range, process cost, product precision and so on.

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Fastener for non-standard parts of a particular size that cannot be machined by a general purpose machine. Ordinary machine tools cannot meet the requirements of mass low-cost production, using MIM process to produce this kind of non-standard fasteners, its physical and mechanical properties are basically consistent with the original material, and can meet the demand with lower cost and higher production efficiency. For this kind of products, MIM is a good choice of technology.As a fastening element, thread is an important feature. Using machine tools to process threads on products, in addition to the cost of the problem, but also to consider whether the parts can be easily clamped, in order to achieve high efficiency and reliability problems. MIM through the mold directly made of threads, can be directly molded on any complex parts, do not have to consider any clamping problems, its accuracy can meet the standard requirements of screw gauge. It can be inspected directly with the screw gauge.Small parts with a diameter of only 4 mm, including multiple complex structures and precision dimensions, including gears. It also requires a high hardness and corrosion resistance, so that parts cannot be produced with normal machining equipment and tools. By using of the special materials with MIM molding, then followed with the heat treatment and surface treatment, can easily meet the customer's requirements of the performance.KOVAR is a hard glass iron base sealing alloy containing nickel 29% and cobalt 17%.Within the scope of the alloy in the 20 ~ 450 ℃ has the similar to hard glass linear expansion coefficient and the corresponding hard glass can effectively seal matching, and high Curie temperature and good low temperature stability, alloy oxide film density, easy to welding and welding, with good plasticity, machining, is widely used in electric vacuum components, tubes, tube, switch tube, Transistors and sealed plugs and relay housings.

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