Precision metal transmission parts

Mechanical transmission, usually through the precise coordination of transmission components such as gears and racks, realizes the conversion of linear motion and axial rotation, changes the direction and mode of movement, and plays the function of locking or opening the mechanism; In addition to requiring high transmission matching accuracy and stable movement, this type of transmission mechanism also requires all components to be strong enough and wear-resistant under force.

Products Details

As the main part of the product, it determines the volume and size of the whole product, both complicated structure and precise dimension, but also make all parts of the internal assembly compact, reasonable clearance, to ensure that all internal transmission parts can move and rotate smoothly.This is the main parts of motion and transmission, must ensure that these design motion modules are accurate, but also to ensure that these have enough strength and toughness, can be effective transmission, have a certain level of wear resistance and service life.This is the main driving part that controls the trajectory of the moving parts, requires a precise transmission curve to ensure smooth motion without stuck.If we use traditional stainless steel precision casting to make this part, it is not possible to meet the dimension of precision requirements, And if we use of die-casting materials such as zinc aluminum alloy manufacturing to make it, the strength will not be enough to meet the requirements of large transmission force. The emergence of MIM technology, successfully replacing the previously behindhand technologies and inefficient production process, can produce high-size precision and high strength products, so that the parts can fit perfectly, to achieve efficient transmission function. From the view point of manufacturing cost and efficiency, to manufacture this type of metal products, MIM process is the best choice.

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